Sunday, 20 January 2013

Billy 'Cesar' McNeil - Celtic Legend - 1967

Here we have the Celtic Legend Billy 'Cesar' McNeill.

Voted the greatest ever Captain of Celtic in 2002, McNeill will go down as a true Celtic Legend. He was a one man club with 790 appearances to his name and was the first British man to hold aloft the European Trophy for his 'Lisbon Lions'in 1967.

 As Captain he won nine Scottish League Championships, seven Scottish Cups, and six Scottish League Cups.

I was curious to find out why his nickname was 'Cesar', here is what I found out, but please correct me if I am wrong.

Billy's nickname is Cesar, However, this doesn't come from any Roman connections, rather from a movie. In the original Ocean's 11, the actor Cesar Romero drove the getaway car.

Billy McNeill was one of the few members of the Celtic team that had a car.

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