Sunday, 2 June 2013


Hercules the Lion

Aston Villa Mascot

This figure of Hercules the Lion was a request from a young Villa fan, at first I was not sure if it would be possible but as you know I do like a challenge and I am very happy on how this figure turned out.

The figure was made by using a Subbuteo figure as a 'Skeleton' for Hercules then carefully adding modellers clay to get the size and shape correct. Using many intricate tools I was able to get the desired look of Hercules then I was able to simply paint him.

You will notice there is no sponsor on the shirt but simply 'AVFC' this is preferred as sponsors come and go (hopefully Hercules will not).

I maybe looking now to add real footballing Mascots to the Subbuteo Art collection. There are already requests for Arsenal's 'Gunnersaurus Rex' and Man Utd's 'Fred The Red'.

If you would a figure like this, any team or a custom figure of you choosing please contact me at:


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